Products, Process & Pricing


Limited only by the scope of our combined imaginations, they are generally any one or a combination of the following:

  • Printed copies, soft or hard bound, with or without imagery, of your
    • biography
    • company or organization history;
    • eulogy
    • family history
    • memory
    • memoir
    • town or city history
    • tribute
  • Digital copies,with or without imagery, with or without sound—i.e., recorded interview excerpts, background music—of the above
  • Videos alone or in combination with the above


  • Client interview(s), in person (with or without video), by phone, and/or in written Q & A
  • Your writer prepares first draft of manuscript
  • Client reviews first draft
  • Your writer edits manuscript to specs of client
  • Client reviews final draft
  • Your writer/videographer produce your story


The charge is on a per-project basis, and must be determined by the scope of the project; a one-page, digitally produced and transmitted eulogy must be priced differently from a thick, hard-bound company history digitally produced with imagery and sound. However, generally expect pricing to begin at:

  • biography – $3000 (1 month)
  • company or organization history – $6000 (3 months)
  • eulogy – $600 (1 week)
  • family history – $6000 (3 months)
  • memory – $1200 (2 weeks)
  • memoir – $1800 (3 weeks)
  • town/city history – $14,500 (6 months)
  • tribute – $600 (1 week)

∗ Prices will vary upward of these amounts only if the length of time needed to prepare the manuscript will exceed the completion times estimated above.

∗ The starting prices above are exclusive of costs associated with printing, and sound and video production.

∗ The agreed-upon total cost of each project is paid in 3 installments over the life of the project.