MEMORIES – Just for Tonight - When my father and his twin brother were born in 1915 in Fayetteville, Tennessee, the streets still smelled of horses. Townsmen trotted around in buggies, and mules pulled wagon loads of produce, building materials, and country people into town, their hooves scattering green and golden “road apples.” From infancy the twins were accustomed to the […]
COMPANY HISTORY – Surviving Mosquitoes: Lee County Mosquito Control - The Little Fly “Mosquito” is the Spanish word for “little fly.” Indeed, mosquitoes belong to the order of fly called “Diptera.” The mosquito or Culicinae family, may be 226 million years old. The oldest mosquito fossils found with blood still in their abdomens are 46 million years old. Within the mosquito family, there are over […]
ORGANIZATION HISTORY – Our Hearts Are Filled with Gratitude: Andrew D. Gwynne Institute - Standing on the corner of Second and Jackson Streets in Fort Myers, in a weedy yard enclosed by a low stone wall with a metal railing, is an old red brick building with air-conditioning units protruding from its windows. The building is not particularly interesting. It’s just old. One hundred and five years old, to […]
TRIBUTE – Happy Birthday, Darling - In photos of him as a baby, a toddler, a boy, he is laughing, his face as bright and eager as a white kite darting about a blue sky.  A lifetime later, the face I see each morning is the same.  He beams, eyes sparkling, smile stretched from ear to ear. Sometimes I observe him […]
MEMORIES – The Florida Fling - ACL Railway station on Jackson Street, Fort Myers, FL – circa 1925 During the post-WWI Florida real estate boom of the 1920s, the population of Fort Myers increased 6 times over. One of the hopeful new arrivals was my grandmother, Elva Davis Williams. She was 32 and single, with 3 sons to support. She found […]
MEMORIES – Summer Rain - We were standing in an old, men’s clothing store in Tabor City, NC.  The store was obviously going out of business; we must have walked in on the dwindling sigh of its last, musty breath. The room was large and the ceiling very high and the neon tubes running the length of the ceiling cast […]
COMPANY HISTORY – View from a Barber’s Chair - Photo of Blake Landrum in one of his barber chairs Throughout the past 84 years in the history of downtown Fort Myers, in the ebb and flow of construction and demolition, of boom and bust, of depression and resurrection, one thing has remained constant—the revolving red, white, and blue barber pole in the barbershop at […]
BIOGRAPHY – The Voice of Fort Myers - When WINK-TV went on air for the first time in 1954, the face that appeared on the small screens of the few television sets in Fort Myers was that of WINK’s first announcer, Frank Nodine. Nodine would remain at WINK for the next 19 years, as sports announcer, live-show host, program director, administrative assistant, and […]
BIOGRAPHY – Florence Keen Sansom’s Legacy of Art - All images of art courtesy Denége Patterson In 2010, local author and historian, Denége Patterson, published (with Peppertree Press) Edisonia Native Girl, subtitled “The Life Story of Florence Keen Sansom, Artist Born on the Edison Estate, Fort Myers, Florida.” That Florence was born on the Edison estate is certainly interesting, as she may be the […]
BIOGRAPHY – Beverley - From any angle you look at it, her life makes a good story. The headline could read Fort Myers Native Subject of Broadway Musical, or Local Girl Mid-Atlantic on 9/11, or Fort Myers Woman First Female Captain for American Airlines. Whichever angle you choose, the story begins with a freckle-faced little girl repeatedly jumping off […]